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Professional Historians Australia (SA) Inc. is a membership organisation for professional historians. It promotes the research, recording, writing and presentation of history by qualified historians. Most members have at least one tertiary qualification in history and are accredited under national standards. These standards are determined by the Professional Historians Australia (PHA), a national body of which PHA (SA) is a member.

Knowing and understanding history provides a valuable link between the past, the present and planning for the future. The PHA (SA) represents the wide range of tertiary-trained historians in South Australia, including those working outside academic institutions. The PHA (SA) works to ensure that the skills of its members are available for the benefit of clients and the community to extend historical knowledge. It promotes appropriate ethical standards of professional conduct as defined in the PHA Code of Ethics.

This website provides useful information about the PHA (SA), including for those considering employing a professional historian, those wanting to know more about the Association with a view to joining and current members.


This is the website for the Professional Historians Association (SA). Our web address is

See 'What's On' for the PHA (SA)'s professional development events.


Professional Historians Australia
PO Box 3345 Rundle Mall SA 5000

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